Sunday, November 8, 2015

SNL, Donald Trump and the OMG! Death of Comedy!

A lot of people in the USA probably didn't know that Donald Trump was on SNL. Of those that did know, most probably didn't care. However, for some websites like, Donald Trump was the harbinger of doom upon the world of late night comedy. Trump's hosting of SNL was a betrayal! It was in bad taste! How could have they done such a thing?

Donald Trump is an unfunny clown. Unfunny clowns belong on Saturday Night Live.

If you need to know whether is trustworthy in offering the cutting edge in news and political opinion, know that suffers under the delusion that SNL is still somehow culturally relevant.

It hasn't been. Not in over a decade. In fact, it's last gasp of relevancy happened when Will Ferrel was still a cast member. When we entered the G.W. Bush era, SNL became a relic of another time and The Daily Show ascended to the top of American satire.

Face it, Saturday Night Live is probably the one place that Donald Trump could do the LEAST amount of cultural damage. Other than Pol Pot doing a one man show in Antarctica, I can't think of a single cultural vacuum as empty and lonely as that of SNL. Here we have a man who is a sad, unfunny relic performing on a show that is itself a sad, unfunny relic. How could have SNL done such a thing? How could they have not?

Yes, Donald Trump has said awful things about a lot of different people. He's probably a lousy person. This all perfectly valid. But this isn't the death of comedy or the death of SNL. SNL died years ago, it's just been shambling on in a drooling, braindead state for about a decade now. For the love of God, take it out back, put a bullet in SNL's head and let it slip out of its misery. Enough is enough.

After all, it's all fun and games until the clown accidentally set his toupee on fire.

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